Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beauty Of Allah

Pernah soalan ini terfikir. Bila? Masa kecil dulu. Children are blessed with boundless curiosity. I can’t really remember the exact age when I first encountered the concept of God. But, this question came naturally to my mind when I looked up to the sky. The sky symbolises the greatness of God. Kenapa awan? Something unreachable remains precious. ‘Mungkin Tuhan tinggal di atas sana..’ bisik diriku yang kecil dulu. Awan biru putih itu kutenung-tenung. Sesekali kagum bila melihat ia bergerak membentuk objek tertentu. The sky is alive! Begitulah manusia mengenali alam dengan rasa takjub. Takjub akan kesempurnaannya.

Today, looking through my window, the sky is cloudy. And suddenly, I remember this childhood question. Life becomes complicated until I forget to cherish the beautiful clouds hanged nicely there.

Sometimes, I have to go to the basic. To understand then fall in love to the beauty of Allah.

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